Sell With FlipATicket - New From the Creators of today announced that it is leading the charge of brokers who have united and said, “Enough is enough!”.  Over the course of the last several years, brokers have witnessed drastic changes the ticket industry has undergone; so drastic, in fact, that it is difficult to fully grasp.

If you were told five years ago that EI would be purchased by Ticketmaster, or that StubHub would be purchased by eBay, or that TN would morph into a gargantuan network of thousands of brokers, or that Ticket Technology would be bought by StubHub/eBay, or that LiveNation would buy every venue under the sun and ditch Ticketmaster for their own ticketing service, only to merge with Ticketmaster a few months later, would you have believed any of it?  Who could have imagined that all of those things would take place in five short years?

Perhaps a better question would be: How have these changes helped your business?  Let’s see...
  •  Fewer places to list your tickets.
  •  Little to no access to other brokers to work trades.
  • Fee after fee after fee after fee piled up on top of you.
  • Policy changes, sometimes daily.
And what is the result of these changes that we have all witnessed? You, the broker, are left holding the short end of the stick, working harder to earn less.  Your choice of places to buy, sell, and trade tickets has been boiled down to making a decision between the lesser of all that is evil.  That’s how you grow a business, right?  No, we didn’t think so either.

A number of months back, the folks behind sat down and started working on ideas of how to counteract the absurdity that has transpired in our industry, and to help brokers regain control over their business and costs.  They poured over so many ideas and options that it is impossible to enumerate, but their brainstorming team always came back to two primary “must do” points:
  •  Control costs for brokers and consumers.
  •  Keep it simple and effective, a la Google.
Brokers need to be able to effectively communicate with one another, and consumers need to be able to do a simple search, find the tickets they want, and make a purchase.  Neither the broker nor the consumer should be gouged with a litany of fees.  Folks are tired of the nickel-and-dime games!

Imagine, if you will..
  • No more throwing away thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars in fees each year.
  • No more ridiculous “rules” and policy changes each week that are impossible for anyone (including those imposing them) to keep up with.
  • No more bowing to your “master”, the ticket exchange.  They should work for you, not the other way around!

The solution is, a brand new, back-to-basics site for brokers to buy and sell tickets, and retail outlet for consumer sales.

Will FlipATicket be the next StubHub, or EI, or TN?  Absolutely not.  And we don’t want to be!  Those guys define “ticket exchange”, and “ticket exchange” is the problem that FlipATicket is designed to solve!  Rather, the goal is to build a platform designed by, run by, and geared for ticket brokers.  A platform that offers you an affordable and effective alternative for listing, buying, and selling tickets.  A platform with a simple fee structure so that you don’t need to hire an IRS agent to help you figure out how much revenue you just lost. will attract customers who are just as tired as you are of dealing with a “ticket exchange”.  Customers that will appreciate never having to call the horrendous customer service line of a “ticket exchange”, because they can now contact you, the seller, directly.  The bottom line is, will provide you with more opportunities for sales to customers who are *yours*, and both you and your customer will be paying less fees!

We are currently operating in a beta test, which will run until Monday, February 28, 2011.  During the beta test period, all ticket brokers will be able to buy, sell, and trade tickets – free of charge, our way of saying “Thank you!” for helping us work out any bugs and for providing feedback on features and future development ideas.  As a special added bonus, during the beta test period, registered brokers will have free limited access to our flagship website, (the #1 source of presale and onsale information).

On Tuesday, March 1, 2011, all beta test accounts will be disabled, and broker accounts will be available for a nominal fee.  A monthly subscription will be available for $39, or you can save 5% by choosing the annual subscription at a rate of just $444.  There will be no additional fees to buy, sell, and trade your tickets on

However, we are offering special discount pricing for those who choose to partner with us during the beta launch period.  We have allotted a limited number of FlipATicket memberships at deeply discounted prices.  As of this posting, only 25 of these spots are available.  They are available only while they last, or until the beta test ends, whichever occurs first.  Choose from one of the following:
  • Founding Member Lifetime Membership – A one-time fee of $999.  Never pay another penny to buy, sell, and trade your tickets on
  • Charter Membership – Annual subscription rate of just $365.  Yes, you read correctly.  Just $1 a day to buy, sell, and trade your tickets on, with no additional fees.

Again, these are being offered on a first come, first served basis.  They are going fast, and will never again be offered.
Can we compete on sheer volume of sales from day one?  No, we can’t.  But by partnering with, we can all work together and slowly but surely take back our industry, one-by-one as brokers decide for themselves: “Enough is enough!”