Monday, November 29, 2010

NCAA College Football BCS Standings Monday, November 29, 2010

 Auburn leaps to No. 1: The Oregon Ducks might be No. 1 in the major media college football polls, AP and USA-Today/Coaches, but it was Auburn on top of the BCS Standings, when released Sunday night. The Tigers lead No. 2 Oregon by a razor thin margin, .0002 of a point. Auburn's advancement can be credited to it strength of schedule after their dramatic victory over No. 11 Alabama on Saturday (Nov. 27).

BCS Standings 2010: Auburn leaps to No. 1 TCU held onto its No. 3 BCS ranking after hammering New Mexico in Week 13. Boise State, then No. 4, was poised to jump the Horned Frogs in this weeks BCS standings providing it beat Nevada last Friday. The Wolf Pack upset the Broncos ending their 23 game undefeated streak and of any hopes of busting into the BCS picture.

Stanford, on the heels of its 38-0 victory over Oregon State on Saturday, was able to take advantage of both Boise State and LSU losing, by moving into the No. 4 slot followed by No. 5 Wisconsin. Ohio State moved up to No. 6. After their upset of previous No. 5 LSU, the Arkansas Razorbacks made a big jump, from 12 last week to No. 7 this week. The Hogs are followed by 8 Michigan State, 9 Oklahoma and 10 LSU.

Boise State fell to No. 11, followed by No. 12 Missouri, 13 Nebraska, 14 Oklahoma State and 15 Virginia Tech. Alabama fell to No. 16 followed by Nevada, moving up two spots from 19, followed by 18 Texas A&M, 19 South Carolina and 20 Utah. Florida State is ranked No. 21, followed by 22 Mississippi State, 23 Arizona, 24 West Virginia and 25 Northern Illinois.

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