Thursday, December 2, 2010

Third Day Free Download of "Lift Up Your Face"

Move is Third Day's soul-stirring 11th studio album, showcasing members Mac Powell, Mark Lee, Tai Anderson and David Carr at their melodic and lyrical best, peering insightfully at life within the church as well as pointedly seeking to understand the needs and questions of those without faith. It's an often difficult balance to achieve, but Third Day succeeds in speaking candidly and hopefully to listeners of every stripe, challenging each not just to a place of faith - but a place of faith in action.

Musically, MOVE delivers songs that are rootsy, soulful and riveting, taking full advantage of Third Day's longstanding rock influence. The project leads with the first single "Lift Up Your Face" with additional highlight tracks including the worshipful "Children of God," "Surrender," "Follow Me There" and the raw and addictive, "Make Your Move." Click here for Feee Download of "Lift Up Your Face"