Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rise Against Tickets: ENDGAME new record is now available

It's been incredible to watch a few songs already taken on new meanings even before they had been released. Inspired by New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, "Help Is On The Way" resonates with what is happening now in Japan as well as the recent flooding in Australia. "Architects" speak of a generation of people designing the world we want to live in, and in revolutions in Egypt and other places in the middle east, we can see those very Architects shaping the future and laying down the foundations for a new model. "Disparity By Design" discusses income disparity, and we see that design to keep the rich rich and the poor poor, as well as the push back against it happening now in Madison, WI. There too, the architects of tomorrow are on the streets as we speak.

Rise Against Tickets and Tour Dates

As Endgame unfolds in your speakers, I hope you breathe it in deeply. Is this only entertainment?

"Rise Against are so important to rock on a large spectrum these days, and that’s why it’s a relief that they made an album as strong as their ethics and beliefs this time around." -ALTERNATIVE PRESS

"This is probably the most punk rock album Rise Against have recorded. That they've achieved this with a great, polished production is testament to a band who truly understand their craft and have genuine respect for sharing the scene from which they came. 'Endgame' is bona fide awesomeness.” -KERRANG

"Each and every song on this album is barely controlled fury delivered to perfection that almost literally smacks you around the face. If 'Endgame' was meant to be anywhere near prophetic in relation to this band it would be little short of a tragedy. They have only just begun..." - BIG CHEESE