Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD Planningtorock Doorway

It's hard to believe Janine Rostron is from Bolton, England. This side of the pond, the shabby northern town isn't known for much other than a football team that hacks and kicks its way to top division survival each year, so to be met with "Doorway"'s seductive poise is, to put it shabbily, something of a brain-f**k.

It's tempting to assign the creeping synthplay and measured progression of this track to her decampment to Berlin, but though this is minimal, it's not liminal—rather Rostron's track cuts vertical slices of some bowed instrument boldly into the air, its methodical pace leaves no guesses as to where it's headed. More brash than The Knife, more mature than Creep, "Doorway"'s emotional sojourn finds a home on new Planningtorock album W, out through DFA on May 16. Download this song

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