Friday, April 22, 2011

Get your mitts on brand new KT music. The Scarlet Tulip EP: KT Tunstall Tickets

Get your mitts on brand new KT music. The Scarlet Tulip EP is exclusively available to order through KT's online store (MP3, CD, Vinyl) or, if you are seeing KT during her upcoming North American solo tour, you can purchase a copy of the CD from the merch stand.

Tulip EP

"The Scarlet Tulip EP is a really special body of work for me." says KT. "It's the first time since I was very young that I've set about recording just my voice with finger-picked guitar. 6 of the 7 songs came into being during the year I spent writing for 'Tiger Suit'." ('Hidden Heart' was a song written for Bruce Parry's 'Survival' project, to try and gain land protection for indigenous people of the Amazon.)

"I felt a creative need to do something impulsive and autonomous, so this EP is partly to celebrate embarking on my first major solo tour, but also to get the songs out there into the ether as I've always felt there is something special about sending new songs off into the world as soon as they are done. There's something magical about it.

It was recorded by my husband and drummer, Luke Bullen, in our solar-powered studio in the woods in the English countryside."

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