Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Alice In Chains Site Launch! All Alone Together Documentary

The brand new has now launched. 

All Alone Together

William DuVall is producing a feature-length documentary film about Atlanta’s hardcore punk scene. Under the working title “All Alone Together,” the film spotlights two generations of hardcore kids - those who jump-started the scene in the early 1980s and the new generation of kids who are carrying it forward in the present day – exploring the common threads and unique challenges faced by Atlanta’s rebel youth of different eras who dare to step outside the lines.

What were the struggles confronting the first hardcore punks 30 years ago in the “Capitol of the Deep South”? How have the lessons they learned in the DIY culture of hardcore impacted their lives as adults? What does it mean to be a DIY punk kid now in the wake of major cultural shifts like the internet, “mall punk,” the mainstream success of “pop-punk”, and the advent of punk as big business?

Stay tuned to on Monday April 11, for a special 2011 show announcement.

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